BRAIN and NERVE Shinkei Kenkyu no Shinpo Volume 68, Issue 6 (June 2016)

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Pediatric and adult departments are differentiated based on a cutoff age of approximately 15-17 years. In clinical neurology, there are certain disorders and related problems that overlap these age-determined boundaries.

In this review, the following three themes are discussed.

(1) Manual dexterity: Considering motor skills through the developmental stages of a child and manual impairment due to localized brain damage in adults, manual dexterity has been reviewed extensively from the perspective of cortical association areas.

(2) Hepatolenticular degeneration: Wilson's disease (children) and Westphal-Strümpell pseudosclerosis (adults) are compared and assessed based on the age of onset to identify differences in clinical symptoms and pathological findings.

(3) Hirayama disease: This disease has been identified as an adult neurological disorder. Since the onset of Hirayama disease occurs around puberty in children and adolescents, it provides a connecting link between pediatric and adult neurology.

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BRAIN and NERVE-神経研究の進歩
68巻6号 (2016年6月)
電子版ISSN 1344-8129 印刷版ISSN 1881-6096 医学書院