A case of traumatic rupture of giant hydronephrosis Masaaki Ishii 1,2 , Norihito Sugihira 1 , Takeshi Yamamura 1 , Touru Masuda 1 , Hide Yano 1 , Kiwamu Sakakura 1 Keyword: 水腎症 , 腎外傷 pp.639-641
Published Date 2002/7/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413903586
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A 39-year-old man with hypertension bruised his abdo-men because of traffic accident and was admitted to our hospital. Computerized tomographic examination sug-gested the rupture of left kidney. In spite of sufficient administration of fluid, blood pressure was unstable and lowered, therefore emergency operation was done.Giant hydronephrosis covered with hematoma was found and left nephrectomy was performed. After opera-tion, blood pressure soon became normal.

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