NEUROGENIC BLADDER WITH SACRAL AGENESIS Tsuyoshi Kobayashi 1 , Tsuguhiro Toma 1 , Daisuke Ishiwata 1 , Takehisa Ushiyama 2 1Urology, Showa General Hospital 2Urology, National Rehabilitation Center Keyword: 神経因性膀胱 , 仙骨形成不全 pp.166-168
Published Date 1990/2/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413900028
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A 55-year-old woman came to our hospital complaining a loss of urinary force. Hydronephrosis with residual urine by ultrasonography was pointed out at other hospital. Physical examination disclosed her bony structure in sacral region was not palpated, anal tonus was deteriorated and bulvocavernosus reflex was lost. Plain X-ray film showed a sacral agenesis and right renal stones. Excretory urogram appeared a bilateral hydronephrosis. Lowering of maximum urine flow rate and deterioration of uresiesthesia were recognized. Neurogenic bladder, areflexia type, was established.

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