A Case of Pure Agraphia with a Deficit of Drawing Hiromasa Tokunaga 1,4 , Takashi Nishikawa 2 , Yoshitaka Ikejiri 2 , Yoshitsugu Nakagawa 2 , Fumihiko Yasuno 1 , Kazuo Hashikawa 3 , Yoshiro Sugita 1 , Masatoshi Takeda 2 1Medical Science for Health, 3rd Div., Faculty of Health & Sport Sciences, Osaka University 2Department of Neuropsychiatry, Osaka University Medical School 31st Department of Internal Medicine, Osaka University Medical School Keyword: pure agraphia , drawing deficit , retrieval , visual image pp.171-176
Published Date 1999/2/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406901400
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We examined a drawing ability in a case with pure agraphia. The patient, having lesions in the left middle frontal gyrus and inferior parietal lobule, could not write in both dictation and spontaneous writing tasks, with the ability to copy letters being well spared. Correspondingly, he showed a deficit of spontaneous drawing, with the ability to copy com-plex figures being well spared. These findings sug-gest that he could have an impairment of retrieving visual image, not restricted to letter image.

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