Brain and Nerve No to Shinkei Volume 45, Issue 8 (August 1993)

Giant Plasmacytoma of the Skull Which Appeared in the Clinical Course of Multiple Myeloma : A Case Report Masaharu Sato 1 , Nobuhiro Kanai 1 , Satoshi Yamamoto 1 , Hironori Take 2 , Junn Kuyama 2 , Takeshi Shiraki 3 , Masayoshi Ozaki 4 , Yoshio Kanayama 5 , Toru Hayakawa 6 1Department of Neurosurgery, Toyonaka Municipal Hospital 2Department of Internal Medicine, Toyonaka Municipal Hospital 3Department of Orthopedics, Toyonaka Municipal Hospital 4Department of Otolaryngology, Toyonaka Municipal Hospital 5Second Department of Internal Medicine, Osaka University Medical School 6Department of Neurosurgery, Osaka University Medical School Keyword: MRI , multiple myeloma , plasmacytoma , punched out lesion , skull pp.753-757
Published Date 1993/8/1
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A 51-year-old woman with large plasmacytoma occurring from the temporal bone is presented. She has a history of multiple myeloma for 9 years. She manifested marked swelling in the left temporal area with tenderness. Neurological examination revealed no abnormality. She showed monoclonal free light chain (lambda type) in the serum and urine, and had multiple osteolytic lesions in her general bones. T1 WI of MRI exhibited a huge mass showing slightly high intensity in the left middle fossa and infratemporal fossa, and a part of the mass protruded into the extracranial space. The mass was markedly enhanced by Gd-DTPA. Angio-graphy showed a hypervascular mass supplied by the external carotid artery. Biospy disclosed plas-macytoma. She underwent local irradiation of 30 Gy and chemotherapy of Ranimustine (100 mg) and Cyclophosphamide (400 mg) . The tumor reduced its size, and tenderness in her temporal area disappear-ed.

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Brain and Nerve 脳と神経
45巻8号 (1993年8月)
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