THE EFFECT OF BAR THERAPY ON A CASE OF MALIGNANT GLIOMA WITH EXTRACRANIAL METASTASIS Tetsuo Kanno 1 , Masaki Moriyama 1 , Mizou Kagawa 1 , Twu-ei To 1 , Shoji Ishimori 1 1Neurosurgical Department, School of Medicine, Keio University pp.1187-1191
Published Date 1970/10/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406202797
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The efiect of BUdR with oadiation therapy was observed on a case of malignant astrocytoma with extracranial metastasis.

31 year-old male of the right rarieto-malignant astrocytoma developed the extracranial metastasis to his right neck, for which the right carotid arterial continuous infusion-radiation therapy (BAR) was performed. BUdR of 29. 5 gm and methotrexate of 26 mg were infused, resulting the tumor disappear-ance macrospectively when the BAR therapy was completed.

However, this patient again developed the mata-stasis to the right axillar and chest, for which BUdR and methotrexate were infused locally followed by LINAC radiation of 1000 rads (single exposure).

This resulted also the disappearance of the tumors macrospectively. However, the histological exami-nation showed that some of the tumor cells were still survived. But, its DNA contents were lower than the tumor cells without BUdR infusion.

All of these datas suggests the effect of BUdR as the radiosensitizer for glioma therapy. And this case also elicited the good result of locally applied BUdR

We concluded the BUdR therapy was worth for trial of glioma therapy.

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