A Diabetic Becoming Bulimic upon Dietary Control Toshiaki Furukawa 1 1Department of Psychiatry, Nagoya City University Medical School Keyword: Bulimia , Diabetes mellitus , Borderline personality organization , Dietary control for diabetes mellitus pp.53-59
Published Date 1988/1/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1405204453
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 Strong concern over ca oric intake is a common feature both in diabetes me itus and eating disorders. However, reports about the association of these relativey common conditions are few. Diabetes me itus with bu imia seems to merit specia medica interest because of its life-threatening nature.

 We reported a case of fema e with diabetes me itus, who deve oped bu imia after repeated fai ures at dietary contro . Diabetes me itus was diagnosed at the age of 20 years, when she was working in a factory away from home. She subsequently returned home but was hospitalized in order to control her physcial illness. She was on oral antidiabetics and, during the first two hospitalizations, she followed the doctor's advice well, without any binge eating. After discharge from the second hospital and after being told that diabetes mellitus cannot be cured, however, she no longer followed the dietary regime and repeatedly indulged in binge eating. She frequently changed hospitals, for she was often scolded by physicians for not following their directions. Insulin therapy was initiated.

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