Studies of atrial vasodepressor reflex in patients with Sick Sinus Syndrome Tadahiro Kurasawa 1 , Hiroshi Asano 1 , Etsuo Shimada 1 , Yoshiji Yamane 1 1Department of Internal Medicine, Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Hospital pp.189-192
Published Date 1983/2/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404204179
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We sometimes encounter the patients of SSS who complain near syncope and dizziness during effec-tive ventricular pacing. It's precise mechanism has not yet been known. We studied the hemodynamic states in such patients. As a result we concluded as follows.

1. We found about thirty percent of such patients showed fourty mmHg or more decrease in systolic blood pressure.

2. Above significant decrease of blood pressure could not be explained by the traditional theory originated from the loss of effective atrial contrac-tion. Because the decrease of output is too small to explain by itself the reduced blood pressure.

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