A case of the congenital partial absence of the left pleuropericardium:especially the findings of the jugular venous pulse Ken Saito 1 , Mokuo Matsuhisa 2 , Nobuo Fukuda 2 , Yoshinori Nishioka 2 , Toshiharu Niki 1 1The Second Dept. of Int Med., Tokushima University 2Dept. of Int, Med., Shiratori Hosptal of Kagawa Prefecture pp.425-429
Published Date 1979/4/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404203356
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A case of congenital partial absence of the left pleuropericardium was reported. This patient had characteristic findings of jugular venous phlebogram which showed obliterated x descent, s wave upon the v wave ascent and relative deep y descent. We concluded that absence of the pericardium resulted in abnormal jugular phlebo-gram which mimiced those seen in cases after pericardiotomy and pointed out the clinical useful-ness of jugular venous tracing in this disease.

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