Usefulness of Delayed Enhancement Cardiac MRI to Predict Reverse Remodeling by Carvedilol in Patients with Non-ischemic Cardiac Dysfunction Yasuki Hen 1 , Nobuo Iguchi 2 , Haruhiko Machida 3 , Kaori Takada 2 , Yuko Utanohara 2 , Hidemi Usui 1 , Midori Ueda 1 , Kenji Horie 2 , Tatsunori Niwa 2 , Naokazu Mizuno 2 , Yoshifumi Horikawa 1 , Tetsuya Sumiyoshi 1 1Sakakibara Heart Institute Clinic 2Sakakibara Heart Institute Hospital 3Tokyo Women's Medical University Medical Center East Keyword: リモデリング , カルベジロール , 心臓MRI , remodeling , carvedilol , cardiac magnetic resonance imaging pp.521-527
Published Date 2011/5/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404101704
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 We examined the relationship between late gadolinium enhancement(LGE)findings on cardiac MRI and the reverse remodeling effect of carvedilol. Fifty-six patients with left ventricular ejection fraction(EF)of less than 50% and no significant stenotic lesion on coronary angiography were studied. Cardiac MRI was conducted before carvedilol administration, and ultrasonography was conducted both before and 3 months after administration. Heart rate decreased significantly(p<0.0001)from 80.9±19.6/min before administration to 69.1±11.0/min after administration. The patients were stratified into LGE-negative, low-LGE, and high-LGE groups from pre-treatment MRI findings. The change(post-treatment-pre-treatment values)in the end-diastole volume index(ΔEDVI), change in end-systole volume index(ΔESVI), and change in EF(ΔEF)were compared among these three groups. ΔEDVI(ml/m2)was -31.0±32.7 in the LGE-negative group, -24.0±21.7 in the low-LGE group and -3.3±24.2 in the high-LGE group. ΔESVI(ml/m2)was -31.0±27.5 in the LGE-negative group, -30.7±18.8 in the low-LGE group, and -7.0±20.1 in the high-LGE group. ΔEF(%)was 13.5±11.6 in the LGE-negative group, 18.3±9.6 in the low-LGE group, and 5.7±8.1 in the high-LGE group. Significant differences were observed between groups for all three parameters. The reverse remodeling effect as a result of carvedilol administration differed depending on the percentage of LGE findings in the left ventricle.

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