Early Duodenal Cancer, Reporf of a Case S. Maeda 1 , T. Sato 1 , N. Kamiya 2 , Y. Nimura 3 , N Nakashima 4 1Department of Surgery, Yachiyo Hospital 2Department of Internal Medicine, Yachiyo Hospital 3The First Department of Surgery, Nagoya University School of Medicine 4Department of Clinical Pathology, Nagoya University Hospital pp.1083-1087
Published Date 1980/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403112825
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 A 45 year-old man, who had the left lower abdominal pain since a few years was seen with a complaint of tarry stool.

 Upper GI series showed the dilatation of the duodenum at the third portion. Hypotonic duodenography showed a nodular elevated lesion invaginating into the third portion of the duodenum from the inferior duodenal flexus. Duodenofiberscopy demonstrated the normal papilla vateri and a polypoid lesion at the infrapapillary part. The biopsy specimen revealed adenoma histologically.

 The partial duodenectomy was performed. Macroscopically, the tumor was papillary pedunculated polyp, 35×25×18 mm in size.

 Histologically the tumor was well-differentiated papillary adenocarcinoma and infiltrated into the core of the stalk.

 Early duodenal cancer is extremely rare. This case is the second report of early infrapapillary duodenal cancer in Japan.

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