Cytological Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer by Means of Fluorescent Lavage Method Masaharu Takenaka 1 11st Department of Surgery, Tottori University School of Medicine pp.733-738
Published Date 1970/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111302
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 A new method of staining cells simultaneously with obtaining them has been devised in order to save time necessary for cytological diagnosis and to improve its results. The authors have named it as fluorescent lavage method for cytological diagnosis of the stomach, applying it to the study of gastric cancer. The staining and lavage fluid is comprised of 100 ml of acetic acid buffer solution (pH 6.3) in which 1 capsule of Kim opsin is dissolved with 200 ml of 0.5% acridine orange solution. It can be applied to lavage under direct vision and to that by means of gastric catheter hitherto used. The excised specimen may be observed in an unfixed state, but it is seen to better advantage when fixed by Cytospray. Findings by fluorescent microscope are the same as those by acridine orange staining method; the specimens are beautiffuly stained, being most suitable for screening under low magnification. Cells of gastric cancer are easily found as their nuclei and nucleoli are enlarged and fluorescent brightness is intense.

 The advantages of this method are: (1) the time for staining cells is saved because it is simultaneous staining and obtaining of cells, so that it is unnecessary to stain cells afresh: (2) the possibilty of overlooking pathologic cells is far lessened because cells of the same specimen can be stained again by another method: (3) it is suitable as well for microscopic study of specimens associated with intense bleeding due to lavage under direct view, since the erythrocyte is not stained by acridineorange. As inexpensive as it is, it is not inferior to any other staining method in the accuracy of results obtained.

 The number of cases experienced as yet amounts to only 34. Diagnostic accuracy shall be much increased in future.

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