Ⅱc TYPE OF EARLY GASTRIC CANCER, REPORT OF A CASE. (MUCOSAL CARCINOMA SITUATED ON THE ANTERIOR GASTRIC WALL) Takuzo Fajita 1 12nd. Department of Medicine, Kurume University, School of Medicine pp.1249-1253
Published Date 1968/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110735
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 The patient was forty three years old female. Her chief complaint was epigastric pain. By the x-ray examination, an irregular shadowy fleck was noticed on the anterior wall of the antrum and the gastric folds were broken down at the margin. By the double-contrast method taken in abdominal position, the change was revealed most clearly. By the gastrocamera examination, a shallow excavation with an irregular margin was noticed and the folds broken down at the margin were noticed. In the operated stomach, an excavating change 10×11 mm was noticed. Pathologically, the cancer cells were mainly restricted inside the mucous membrane. At some marginal portions, the cancer cells reached the submucous layer. The cancer was the mucous cellular carcinoma. One case of Ⅱc type early gastric cancer on the anterior wall was presented.

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