ON DIRECT VISION CYTOLOGY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE To SUCTION METHOD. Tsutomu Kidokoro 1 , Satoru Soma 1 , Ritsuji Seto 1 , Kazuhiro Goto 1 , Tatsuro Yamakawa 1 , Akira Taniai 1 , Teruo Katayanagi 1 , Reiji Asakura 1 1Department of Surgery, Tokyo University Branch Hospital pp.1201-1210
Published Date 1968/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110731
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 Three methods are used at present in direct vision cytology; the lavage method, the suction method, and contact smears of biopsy tissue. This paper is to discuss the clinical value of these technics with special reference to the suction method.

 The instrument used for the suction method is the Model B fiberscope (fiberscope for biopsy), with which a thin Teflon tube with a beveled metal tip instead of the biopsy forceps is introduced into the stomach and advanced, under direct vision, to the given target. Repeated negative pressure using a 100 cc syringe is then applied to suck material into the tube. The material is then flushed and smeared on a slide glass.

 This method is characterized by the following,

1. Preliminary lavage is not necessary.

2. Abundant fresh cells can be obtained with minimal necrotic debris.

3. Multiple lesions can be examined simply by changing the tube.

4. The damage given to the tissue is least in comparison with the lavage method or biopsy. The method is, therefore, particularly suitable for minute lesions, but it is cliFficult to obtain material from deeper portions.

5. The suction method has given correct diagnosis in 95% of the cases, that is comparable to the other methods. The method thus suffices clinical purposes, but the result will be further improved if these technics are combined acording to the location or morphological characteristics of the lesion to be examined.

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