Pathological Study on Pure Ⅱb Type Carcinoma of the Stomach Keiko Aikawa 1 , Mitsuya Iwafuchi 1 , Hidenobu Watanabe 1 1The First department of Pathology, Niigata University, School of Medicine pp.371-378
Published Date 1986/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110225
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 Ten pure Ⅱb type carcinomas of the stomach were histologically exanlined to determine the factors involved in the development of their gross appearances. Three types of intramucosal extension of the carcinoma were found:stromal foveolar type; total foveolar type; total mucosal type. This classification was useful in identifying the determinants of the pure Ⅱb type carcinomas of the stomach. These are histology of carcinoma, amount of tumor tissue in the lamina propria mucosae, degree of intestinal metaplasia, glandular atrophy and fibromusculosis, and peptic effect of gastric juice.

 The gastric area-like appearance of the cancer lesions varied depending on the volume of fibromusculosis and tumor tissue, while their color was related to the amount of congested capillaries in the tumor tissue.

 These characteristics in mucosal appearance and color were sensitive enough in macroscopically detecting pure Ⅱb type carcinomas in seven out of ten patients.

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