Pathology of Type Ⅱb Early Gastric Cancer K. Nakamura 1 , H. Sugano 1 , K. Kumakura 2 , M. Maruyama 2 , K. Takagi 3 1Dept. of Pathology, Cancer Institute 2Medical Clinic, Cancer Institute Hospital 3Surgery Clinic, Cancer Institute Hospital pp.47-53
Published Date 1972/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108970
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 Flat type of early carcinoma and microcarcinoma are very difficult to clinically diagnose. These two different categories are interpreted as a congregation under condition that it is very difficult to clinically diagnose.

 This paper deals with a general view of histopathology of the congregation. The Ⅱb type shows a high percentage in microcarcinomas, but it is rarely to be found in early carcinoma of usual size. Judging from two pieces of evidence that gastric carcinoma is embeded into the gastric mucosa in incipient phase of its development, and is very easy to erode or ulcerate, the matter is quite in the nature of things.

 Histologically the surface of Ⅱb-area is covered with the normal foveolar epithelum, or it shows erosion of very slight degree.

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