Multicentric Superficial Esophageal Cancer with So-called Carcinosarcoma of Hypopharynx, Report of a Case Eiji Miyahara 1 , Wataru Takiyama 1 , Satoshi Koike 2 , Kunio Nishikawa 2 , Koichi Mandai 4 1Department of Surgery, Shikoku Cancer Center Hospital 2Department of Otolaryngology, Shikoku Cancer Center Hospital 3Department of Histology, Shikoku Cancer Center Hospital Keyword: 重複癌 , 多発食道癌 , 食道表在癌 , 下咽頭癌肉腫 pp.1077-1082
Published Date 1992/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109983
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 The patient, a 51-year-old male, was admitted to our hospital with a complaint of slight disphagia. Laryngoscopy showed two hypopharyngial tumors (Fig. 1a, b). After these tumors were resected, histologic observation of the resected materials showed ‘so-called carcinosarcoma' (Fig. 2a, b). X-ray examination (Fig. 3) revealed rough mucosal folds of thoracic esophagus and endoscopic examination (Fig. 4a, b) showed superficial irregularity of esophageal mucosa and multiple residual islands with iodine staining. Histologic examination of the biopsy specimens suggested moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma (Fig. 5). Pharyngo-laryngo-esophagectomy with right thoracotomy and reconstruction using stomach was performed (Fig. 6a, b). Histopathologic observation of the resected materials showed multicentric squamous cell carcinoma scattered in the whole esophagus. In the major part of the esophagus, the lesions had invaded only the mucosal layer, but, in the part of the esophagus, near the squamo-columnar junction and the hypopharynx, the submucosal layer had been invaded (Figs. 7 and 8).

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