Ability of Diagnosing Biliary Tract Cancer by ERCP S. Tomatsu 1 , I. Oi 1 1Department of Gastroenterological Medicine, Tokyo Women's Medical pp.1107-1114
Published Date 1982/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108754
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 We studied and discussed diagnostic ability and limitation of ERCP on biliary tract cancer by comparing with other diagnostic imaging modalities. Studied materials were 65 cases of biliary tract cancer from January 1979 to June 1981, and results obtained were as follows:

 Although diagnostic ability of ERCP on gallbladder cancer was unsatisfactory, it was superior to other diagnostic imaging modalities on cancer of the lower portion of the bile duct and papilla of Vater, which have high resectability indicating ERCP is a clinically useful method. To make an early diagnosis of biliary tract cancer, it is important to decide what kind of cases should have US screening study and then to have ERCP for qualitative diagnosis.

 Our basic approach for diagnosing biliary tract diseases, including cancer of the biliary tract, is to perform US study first, then to select either or combination of the following tests according to the results: namely DIC ERCP and PTCD. Especially for the biliary tract cancer, we further perform CT and angiography to know a range of its invasion, then to decide whether it has operative indication or not.

 ERCP is indispensable to make a diagnosis of anomalous connection between the pancreatic and biliary ducts and has great input on diagnosis and prophylaxis of the biliary tract cancer which could be highly associated with the anomalous connection.

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