Endoscopic Diagnosis in Diseases of the Colon Y. Sakai 1 , S. Ashizawa 1 1Dept. of Int. Med., Tokyo Medical College pp.733-738
Published Date 1973/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108532
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 It is true that fiberscopic examination of the colon is now an indispensable armamentarium in the diagnosis of diseases of the colon; its demand is increasing and our knowledge regarding endoscopic diagnosis of colon diseases are being accumulated steadily. However, it is still not entirely possible to observe a given location in all cases.

 In this paper is described present status of endoscopic diagnosis in diseases of the colon together with its outlook, based on our experience in 610 cases with 750 examinations. By virtue of preliminary devices and the supplementary implements, more pertinent diagnosis has now become possible, and diagnostic techniques are much improved. Nevertheless, much remains to be done. We have brought forth in this paper immediate problems commonly encountered in our daily practice. According as we obtain more information about them, our investigation would certainly become more pertinent and accurate.

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