A Method for Detection of Depth Invasion of Gastric Cancer: Water infusion method into the submucosal layer of the stomach M. Takahashi 1 , K. Yoshida 1 , H. Ikeuchi 1 , T. Machida 1 , M. Oshibe 1 , H. Hoshi 1 1Surgical Department of Miyagi-ken Seijinbyo Center pp.1393-1397
Published Date 1973/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108512
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 There have been many reports on the diagnosis of depth invasion of stomach cancer, especially differential diagnosis of various type of early gastric cancers and advanced ones from mainly gastroendoscopic points of view. However, some details on this subject are still on discussion. In the present work, we observed that the normal submucosal layer of the stomach is pretty loose enough to be formed half globe shaped swelling of mucosal layer when some amount of water is selectively infused into the submucosal layer.

 Fifty clinical cases were demonstrated for the detection of grade of depth invasion of stomach cancers and the proliferation of connective tissue in the submucosal layer of the stomach inhibited the water infusion as well as swelling of the mucosal layer. These phenomena led to devote for diagnosis of cancer invasion of the stomach. Besides, the procedure can be easily brought out under gastroendoscope, therefore our method practically estimable for preoperative detection of depth and spreads of gastric carcinoma.

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