Two Cases of Small Protruded Type of Refiux Esophagitis M. Endo 1 1Institute of Gastroenterology, Tokyo Women's Medical College pp.641-645
Published Date 1973/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108499
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 A report has been made of two cases of reflux esophagitis in which multiple small protrusions were seen almost over the entire length of the esophagus. From our past experience we have classified endoscopic findings of this disease into three varieties: the Reddened Type (type A); the Erosive Type (type B); and Hypertrophic, Multiple Small Protrusion Type (type C). In type A, only reddening of the esophageal mucosa is seen. Type B shows erosive changes of the mucosa, and in type C the esophageal mucosa is dotted widely with small protrusions or leukoplakia-like elevations, and is unassociated with erosions. Hypertrophy and coarseness of the mucosa are seen extensively. As compared with type B or A, type C is of rare occurrence, accounting for only one per cent of all our experienced cases.

 Comparison of biopsy findings of each type with one another shows that both type A and B represent acute or subacute changes of the esophageal mucosa, while type C as seen in the present two cases exhibits subacute and chronic changes.

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  • 食道表在癌診断上の問題点 遠藤 光夫 , 矢沢 知海 , 羽生 富士夫 , 岩塚 廸雄 , 小林 誠一郎 , 榊原 宣 , 木下 祐宏 , 御子柴 幸男 , 浜野 恭一 , 鈴木 博孝 , 山田 明義 , 鈴木 茂 , 井手 博子 , 門馬 公経 , 林 恒男 , 中山 恒明 , 竹本 忠良 , 市岡 四象 医学書院 胃と腸
    8巻 11号 (1973年11月)
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    2巻 5号 (1967年5月)
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  • Ⅱb型早期胃癌の1例 中山 恒明 , 羽生 富士夫 , 福島 通夫 , 岩塚 迪雄 , 小林 誠一郎 , 遠藤 光夫 , 榊原 宣 , 山田 明義 , 佐久間 映夫 , 鈴木 茂 , 井手 博子 , 後町 浩二 , 尾原 徹司 , 山田 和毅 , 鈴木 博孝 医学書院 胃と腸
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