Crohn's Disease in Malmo General Hospital M. Maruyama 1 1Dept. of Internal Medicine, Cancer Institute Hospital pp.527-536
Published Date 1978/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107277
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 I tried to introduce the actual condition of the management of Crohn's disease in Malmo General Hospital (MGH) by quoting the work of Dr. Folke Brahme (Studies on CROHN'S DISEASE Epidemiology,Roentgenology of the Colon,Angiology, and Angiography, Malmö 1975). It seems that the experience of Crohn's disease in Japan is too scanty to compare with that of the MGH where the detailed prospective study has produced an excellent achievement on every aspect of this disease.

 I believe that learning the experience of the MGH not only gives a clue to enhancement of the studies on Crohn's disease in Japan but also brings out the better result for a future comparative study on this disease between two countries.

Acknowledgements  My thanks go to Dr. Clas Lindstrom and Dr. Lennart Wehlin who gave me a permission of presenting the cases of Crohn's disease in this paper and also to Dr. Folke Brahme who gave me a permission of reproducing the tables and the figure from his monograph. I add that this paper was written mostly by quoting the Dr. Brahme's description in his monograph,“Studies on CROHN'S DISEASE”.

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