Intrahepatic Gallstones, Report of a Case K. Okamura 1 , M. Namiki 1 , Y. Shibata 2 1The Third Department of Internal Medicine, Asahikawa Medical College pp.449-453
Published Date 1984/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107009
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 During the past eight years, we encountered 11 cases of intrahepatic gallstones which were confirmed by operation or autopsy. Based on analysis of 11 cases our experiences were documented. Some considerations concerning diagnostic imaging of this disorder were described. A representative case was illustrated.

 A 60 year-old man who was a heavy drinker visited to a local medical doctor with complaints of abdominal pain and fever. Space-occupying lesion was suspected by abdominal ultrasonography. He was referred to our hospital because of complete check up of it. Multiple intrahepatic gallstones were demonstrated by ERC,CT and US. He and his family did not want to undergo operation and discharged. Six months later he was transferred again to our hospital by ambulance because of jaundice and disturbance of consciousness. He died of septic shock with DIC due to acute suppurative cholangitis five days after readmission. Multiple intrahepatic gallstones were confirmed by autopsy.

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