Yearly Changes of Gastroduodenal Ulcer from the Viewpoint of the Resected Stomachs T. Nagayo 1 , H. Yokoyama 2 1Dept. of Pathology, Aichi Cancer Center 2Yokoyama Hospital pp.35-41
Published Date 1980/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106662
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 Unlike gastric cancer, there is difficulty in grasping the yearly changes of gastroduodenal ulcer. From the viewpoint of internal medicine, general trends data about its details. Observation from the point of surgery, on the other hand, has some limitations for the purpose, such as indication for operation. Other factors, such as changes in mean age of the patients and changes in criteria of resection according to the progress of diagnosis intervene in these problems.

 The followings are summaries of the examinations of gastroduodenal ulcer conducted by surgery and internal medicine together, over a period of 25 years in one private gastroenterological hospital.  1. The number of peptic ulcer patients detected by x-ray examination shows slight increase in the recent years.

 2. Among the patients with ulcer detected by x-ray, the rate of those who received stomach resection has been decreasing yearly.

 3. The rate of resection for duodenal ulcer is slightly increasing.

 4. From the viewpoint of the resected stomach the yearly changes of peptic ulcer can be summarized as decrease in number of chronic types and a relative increase of non-chronic types.

 5. Classification of the resected ulcer into several may be observed, but it is difficult to obtain accurate types-those with shortening of the lesser curvature, linear ulcer, acute ulcer, acute exacerbating ulcer, giant ulcer, multiple ulcer, those requiring urgent operation, marginal ulcer in anastomosis -support the observation noted in no.4.  6. The rate of open ulcer with scars is increasing according to increase in number of follow-up cases.

 7. Although still low in frequency, ulcer thought to be based on reactive lymphoreticular hyperplasia is becoming evident.

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