Risk of Metachronous Carcinoma and Adenoma Following Colonoscopic Polypectomy Toshio Sawada 1 , Toshiaki Watanabe 1 , Tetsuichiro Muto 1 1Department of Surgery, University of Tokyo Keyword: 大腸腺腫 , 大腸早期癌 , 大腸内視鏡検査 , ポリペクトミー , サーベイランス pp.503-509
Published Date 1993/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106160
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 One hundred and eleven cases (551 colonoscopy) were reviewed in order to clarify the real risk of metachronous cancers and adenomas following colonoscopic polypectomy. There were four cases of metachronous mucosal carcinomas (3.6%). The risk of metachronous cancer was very low in adenomas with mild dysplasia (2.7%), whereas the risk were 5.3% in moderate dysplasia and 6.7% in severe dysplasia. Matachronous adenomas were found in 59.5% of patients, depending on the duration of follow-up; within 2 years: 7.7%, 2~4 years: 46.7%, over 4 years: 70%. Mean duration between initial and metachronous adenomas was 45.9±28 months. From our observations, it could be concluded that the interval of surveillance colonoscopy will be three to four years in adenomas with mild or moderate dysplasia.

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