Endoscopic Change of Intractable Gastric: Ulcer after Eight-weeks' Treatment Junji Yoshino 1 , Sabro Nakazawa 1 , Takao Wakabayashi 1 , Masumi Watanabe 1 1Department of Internal Medicine, Fujita Health University Second Hospital Keyword: 胃潰瘍 , 難治性潰瘍 , 再生上皮 , 潰瘍の収縮 , PPI pp.263-269
Published Date 1993/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106112
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 Endoscopic pictures of a typical intractable ulcer after eight-weeks' treatment showed a central shallow depression which was covered by regenerative epithelium with a central white coated area. Continuous treatment of ulcer changed the shape of regenerative epithelium from initial spindle-shape to cobblestone appearance, irrespective of existence or disappearance of a white coated area. Electrostereo-endoscopic examination revealed that the size of intractable ulcer was not reduced as fast as that of tractable one, and even after eight weeks of treatment, it still had a central white coated part with wide regenerative epithelial area. The average speed of epithelial regeneration of intractable ulcers was slower than that of tractable ones. The epithelial regeneration around ulcers being treated with proton pump inhibitor was significantly faster than that with conventional treatments, which may explain recent changes in the characteristics of intractable ulcers.

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