A Study of the Layer Structure of the Gastric Wall by 20MHz-Ultrasonographic Endoscope and Its Application for the Diagnosis of Cancerous Invasion Junji Yoshino 1 , Saburo Nakazawa 1 , Hitoshi Yamachika 1 , Takao Wakabayashi 1 , Masumi Watanabe 1 1Department of Internal Medicine, Fujita Health University Second Hospital Keyword: 超音波内視鏡 , 胃癌 , 胃壁層構造 , 粘膜筋板 pp.65-70
Published Date 1995/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403105293
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 We studied the mural structure of the stomach by 20MHz-ultrasonographic endoscope and its application for the diagnosis of gastric cancerous invasion. The walls of resected stomachs were observed as 11 layers in a water tank by the new apparatus. The second layer, the third layer, and the fourth layer in the conventional five-layered structure were divided into three layers respectively. On the other hand, clinically, the walls of stomachs revealed nine layers, because the third layer was not divided into three layers in most cases. It was speculated that the muscularis mucosae corresponds to the 3b layer which was observed as a hypoechoic layer in the upper part of the conventional third layer. Because the 2c layer (the lower layer in the conventional second layer) and the 4b layer (the middle layer in the conventional fourth layer) were able to be observed clearly, diagnosis of the depth of gastric cancerous invasion is expected to be improved through the use of such. apparatuses as the 20MHz-ultrasonographic endoscope.

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