Radiological Study of Gastric Cancer with the Appearance of a Submucosal Tumor Hiroshi Nakano 1 , Kazuya Takahama 1 , Makoto Watanabe 1 , Madoka Itoh 1 1Department of Internal Medicine, Fujita Health Univercity School of Medicine Keyword: 胃癌 , 粘膜下腫瘍 , 低分化腺癌 , 膠様腺癌 , リンパ球浸潤性髄様癌 pp.747-757
Published Date 1995/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403105424
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 Two cases of poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, one of mucinous adenocarcinoma and two of medullary carcinoma with lymphoid stroma were presented with special attention to their radiological findings. They showed the characteristic features described in other reported cases.

 In the case of the medullary type of pooly differentiated adenocarcinoma, the differential diagnosis from gastric malignant lymphoma should be made taking into consideration the shape of the ulcer crater, marginal lrregularity and rigidity of the crater, the irregular formation of the ulcer mound and submucosal mass, and the irregularity and rigidity of the surface over the submucosal mass. In the case of mucinous adenocarcinoma, it was rather difficult to discern its soft submucosal mass with shallow depression. In the cases of the medullary carcinoma with lymphoid stroma, characteristic findings were submucosal mass with stiffness of shape and surface and shallow irregular depression.

 It is possible to arrive as a correct diagnosis of gastric cancers when their shape and surface charcteristics, radiological stiffness, depressed configuration with irregularity and stiffness are well demonstrated radiologically.

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