Superficial Esophageal Cancer in Barrett's Esophagus, Report of a Case Masanori Nakamura 1 , Ken-ichi Yano 1 , Kagami Nagai 1 , Tatsuyuki Kawano 1 , Mitsuo Endo 1 1The First Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Keyword: Barrett食道 , 食道腺癌 , 食道表在癌 pp.115-120
Published Date 1997/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104962
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 A 39-year-old man visited our hospital with a longstanding history of heartburn. Endoscopic examination revealed a columnar epithelium-lined esophagus for 10 cm at its greatest length and a depressed lesion surrounded by an elevated component. The biopsy specimen from the lesion was diagnosed as well-differentiated adenocarcinoma. The subtotal esophagectomy through right thoractomy was performed.

 Histological studies of the resected specimen demonstrated that the columnar epithelium had intestinal metaplasia and the tumorous lesion was Barrett's carcinoma limited to the mucosa (m3), expressed 0-Ⅱa + Ⅱc type based on the classification of early gastric carcinoma. Neither vascular spreading nor lymph node involvement was identified.

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