Biological Characteristics of Submucosal Gastric Cancer in Invasion, Metastasis, and Recurrence Yoshihiro Kakeji 1 , Keizo Sugimachi 1 1Department of Surgery Ⅱ, Faculty of Madicine, Kyushu University Keyword: 胃sm癌 , 増殖活性 , AgNOR , p53 , 血管新生 pp.57-61
Published Date 1997/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104953
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 We analyzed biological characteristics of submucosal gastric cancer in relation to invasion, metastasis, and recurrence. The mean AgNOR count, a parameter of proliferative activity, was significantly higher in the group with vessel invasion or nodal metastasis than that in the group without those involvements. In terms of growth pattern, penetrating-growth type growing expansively (Pen-A) had significantly higher positive rate of p53 and higher vascularity than superficially spreading type (Super) had. High proliferative activity, overexpression of p53, and high intratumoral vascularity were risk factors of invasion, metastasis, and recurrence of submucosal gastric cancer. p53 is a predictor of the patients' prognosis. For patients with high risk factors, adequate lymph node dissection and adjuvant chemotherapy should be considered. It is better to follow-up the patients for more than five years.

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