Diffuse Cystic Malformation of the Stomach with Adenocarcinoma that can Mimic Diffusely Infiltrative Cancer, Report of a Case Ichiro Oda 1 , Satoshi Nimura 2 , Takuji Gotoda 1 , Noriaki Hasuike 1 , Hisanao Hamanaka 1 1Endoscopy Division, National Cancer Center Hospital 2Pathology Division, National Cancer Center Hospital Keyword: びまん性囊胞性形成異常 , びまん浸潤型胃癌 , 巨大皺襞 , 鑑別診断 pp.1747-1756
Published Date 2002/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104617
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 A 54-year-old man was admitted to our hospital for further examination and treatment of gastric cancer discovered during a health check. X-ray and endoscopic examination showed an irregular-shaped depression with surrounding elevation on the greater curvature of prepyloric area. The biopsy specimen taken from this lesion revealed poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma and signet-ring cell carcinoma. Enlarged folds on the greater curvature of the gastric body and wall thickening were observed. These findings looked like diffusely infiltrative cancer. However, the degree of swelling was not uniform and the pliability of the gastric wall was rather good. Endoscopic ultrasonography showed multiple cystic lesions in the thickened 2nd to 3rd layer of the gastric wall. The 4th layer was intact. Total gastrectomy was performed. The pathological diagnosis of the resected specimen was diffuse cystic malformation of the stomach with adenocarcinoma.

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