Nodule-Aggregating Tumor of the Sigmoid Colon Invading the Muscularis Propria Layer, Report of a Case Shin-ichi Izumi 1 , Masafumi Nomura 1 1Department of Gastroenterology, Teine Keizinkai Hospital Keyword: 結節集簇様病変 , 大腸mp癌 , 表面構造 pp.1489-1494
Published Date 2002/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104583
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 A 62-year-old woman visited our center, complaining of hematochezia. Colonoscopic examination revealed a nodule-aggregating tumor, approximately 25 mm in size, in the Sigmoid colon. It consisted of a slightly protruding part with homogenous nodules and a reddish protruding part with macroscopic fullness. In the latter portion, the tendency of segmentation was lost and a small shallow depression was observed at the top. From these colonoscopic findings, the tumor was diagnosed as colon cancer (nodule-aggregating-type) with massive submucosal invasion. Barium enema radiograph revealed an elevated lesion with heterogenous nodules,25 mm in size in the Sigmoid colon. A thin, irregular barium collection was seen in the top of the large nodules. The profile view showed a semilunar deformity. From these findings, combined with highfrequency ultrasound probe findings, it was finally diagnosed as a nodule-aggregating-type cancer with massive submucosal invasion. Sigmoidectomy was perfomed. In the resected specimen, there was a noduleaggregating-type tumor with a small depression, measuring 25 × 22 mm in size.

 Histologically, it was a well differentiated adenocarcinoma with invasion of the muscularis propria.

 The case was thought to be noteworthy for understanding the growth and progression of colon cancer.

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