Major and Accessory Findings for the Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease: Longitudinal Ulcers from the Viewpoints of Radiologic Diagnosis Yoshito Nishimata 1 1Department of Gastroenterology, Nanpu Hospital Keyword: Crohn病 , X線診断 , 縦走潰瘍 , 縦軸要素の病変 , 変形 pp.465-478
Published Date 1996/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104109
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 Since diagnostic criteria of Crohn's disease (proposal) was published in 1976, the number of reported cases of Crohn's disease has been increased and weak points of this diagnostic criteria (proposal) have been disclosed. We evaluated radiologic diagnosis of a longitudinal ulcer as the major finding, and a lesion with a component of longitudinal direction as an accessory finding.

 We classified ulcerative lesions of Crohn's disease into 7 types by the morphologic features, distribution and direction of ulcers. In addition to this classification, the intestine was divided into the longitudinal ulcerative area and non-ulcerative area. A longitudinal ulcer in the small intestine may be demonstrated as a poor expansion at the medial edge of the loop by the filling method, and it may be shown in the frontal view of near frontal view by the double contrast method. When an adequate picture could not be obtained by the filling or double contrast methods, the compression method should be added. In the longitudinal ulcer area, there were various shapes of deformities and abnormalities on the edge. Diagnostic value of the deformities were 1) detection of small lesions,2) nature of lesions especially direction of lesions.

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