Small Polypoid-growth Carcinoma (type Ⅰs) with Submucosal Progression of Mucinous Carcinoma, Report of a Case Sei Kurokawa 1 , Akimichi Imamura 1 , Toshihiro Satou 2 1Division of Gastroenterology, Sapporo Kosei Hospital 2Division of Pathology, Sapporo Kosei Hospital Keyword: PG type , Ⅰs型 , 大腸sm癌 , 粘液癌 pp.475-478
Published Date 2001/2/26
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403103176
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 A 44-year-old man visited our hospital, because of a positive result in a fecal occult blood test, in 1999. Barium enema and colonoscopy revealed a sessile protruted lesion (type Ⅰs) of the sigmoid colon. There was no suspicion of massive cancerous invasion of the submucosa. We performed an endoscopic mucosal resection for the lesion, measuring 15×13 mm. The resected specimen was regarded as a polypoid growth type, but tubulovillous proliferation in the intramucosa and mucinous adenocarcinoma with tubercle mucin invading the submucosa was revealed by microscopic investigation.

 Progression of mucinous adenocarcinoma at such an early stage is a very rare and interesting condition, especially in tumors of polypoid growth or related adenoma-carcinoma sequence. Massive Submucosal invasion of carcinoma, as found in this case, is difficult to detect.

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