Cancers in Organs other than the Esophagus when EMR had been Performed for Esophageal Cancer Kumiko Momma 1 1Department of Endoscopy, Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome General Hospital Keyword: 食道早期癌 , 食道粘膜切除 , 他臓器重複癌 , 異時性食道癌 pp.299-306
Published Date 2003/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100878
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 In 81 cases (75 in males, 6 in females) out of a total of 220 cases treated by EMR for superficial esophageal cancer (m ;196, sm ;24) cancers also occurred in organs other than the esophagus. Among these 81 cases, the number of the esophageal cancer lesions treated by EMR for first time included 61 cases (75 %) of single cancers and 20 cases (25 %) in which there were two lesions. The cancers in other organs occurred in 25 cases before the first EMR, in 34 cases at the same time, and in 37 cases after it. The number of organs involved inculuding the esophagus were 2 organs in 61 cases (75 %), 3 organs in 18 cases (22 %), and 4 organs in 2 cases (3 %). The other organs involved were the stomach (35 cases), the head and neck area (31 cases), colon (11 cases), the lung (9 cases), the liver (6 cases), the prostata (4 cases), the pancreas (3 cases), the uterus (2 cases), and others (the breast, gallbladder, kidney and urether). In the cases of metachronous cancers in the other organ after the first EMR, 20 cases occurred in less than 3 years after the EMR, 13 cases occurred between 3 to 5 years after it, and 10 cases occurred after 5 years. Death occurred in 22 cases (27 % of the total 81 cases). (In 11 of these cases, death was due to cancer and in 11 cases, death was due to other diseases). Only one patient died from esophageal cancer, but he had refused treatment for it. 5 patients died of synchronous cancer and 5 patients died of metachronous cancer occurring in organs other than the esophagus.

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