Group Classification for Interpretation of Gastric Biopsy Specimens―Its History and Intrinsic Problems (Including Its Relation to Vienna Classification) Yo Kato 1 1Department of Pathology, The Cancer Institute of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research Keyword: 胃生検組織診断基準 , Group分類 , Group分類の歴史 , Vienna Classification pp.1443-1447
Published Date 2004/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100578
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 The Group Classification for interpretation of gastric biopsy specimens was first presented in 1971 by the JRSGC (Japanese Research Society for Gastric Cancer), in order to express simply the histological changes occurring in the gastric epithelium and to standardize the histological criteria for gastric carcinoma. It was revised in 1985 with an expanded concept of Group III and has been widely accepted in Japan since then. In this paper, the process of the revision and some intrinsic problems of the classification were mentioned. One of the big problems is that the Group III contains two elements,“adenoma” and “indefinite for dysplasia/neoplasia” without any designation (Group Classification, however, recommends that the contents of the change should be described together with the Group Number). Further, the purpose, advantages and disadvantages involved in the use of the Vienna Consensus Classification (Category Classification, 2000) were explained together with its relation to the Group Classification. It is advocated that the Group Classification should be renovated by taking the advantages of the Vienna Classification (e.g. setting of Category II as “indefinite for dysplasia/neoplasia”) into consideration. However, since the Group Classification is very popular in Japan and, since unnecessary confusion should be avoided, the renovation of the Group Classification, if made, should be carried out with care.

 1) Department of Pathology, The Cancer Institute of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, Tokyo

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