Granular Cell Tumor of the Cecum Resembling a Molar in Appearance, Report of a Case Masako Nagashima 1 , Masahiro Tada 2 , Ryoji Kusima 3 , Mikio Honda 4 1Department of Gastroenterology, Horikawa Hospital 2Tada Gastroenterological Clinic 3Division of Diagnostic Pathology, Shiga University of Medical Science 4Department of Radiology, Fujita GI Hospital Keyword: 顆粒細胞腫 , 盲腸 , 大腸 , 大臼歯様外観 pp.1073-1078
Published Date 2005/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100227
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  A case with granular cell tumor of the cecum was reported. The patient was a 57-year-old man who requested further examination because of his positive fecal occult blood test. A hemispherical protruded lesion in the cecum measuring 16 mm in diameter was disclosed by barium enema. Colonoscopy revealed a smooth-surfaced, hard and yellowish-colored submucosal tumor. It resembled a molar in appearance. Endoscopic polypectomy was performed. Histology with HE staining revealed the presence of eosinophilic granules in the cytoplasm of the tumor cells, and immunochemistry for S-100 protein was positive. According to these results, the diagnosis of granular cell tumor was established . It is uncommon that granular cell tumor in the colon shows a unique appearance as in this case. Histological investigation of our case revealed that this unique appearance is related to its growing process.

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