Asteatosis and skin care Yuichiro Tsunemi 1 1Department of Dermatology Saitama Medical University Keyword: バリア機能 , 皮脂欠乏症 , 保湿剤 , ステロイド外用薬 , 塗布量 , finger-tip unit pp.559-565
Published Date 2020/6/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.18888/rp.0000001258
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Topical therapy is used for prevention and treatment of radiation dermatitis. Maintaining and improving the barrier function of stratum corneum with moisturizer helps prevent radiation dermatitis. Topical application of moisturizers during radiation therapy can be expected to have a certain degree of effect in reducing radiation dermatitis. In the treatment of radiation dermatitis, it is important to suppress inflammation sufficiently with topical steroids. Thus it is desirable to become familiar with moisturizers and topical steroids.

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