Introduction to artificial intelligence Yukio Fujita 1 1Departmenl of Radio Logical Sciences Faculty of Health Sciences, Komazawa University Keyword: 人工知能 , 機械学習 , ディープラーニング pp.1011-1019
Published Date 2019/7/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.18888/rp.0000000944
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In the last few years, artificial intelligence(AI)has been rapidly expanding and permeating both industry and academia. AI is now mainstream technology in our everyday lives with applications in image and voice recognition, language translations, and predictive data analysis. The advances in AI discussed above have been almost entirely based on the groundbreaking performance of systems that are based on deep learning(DL). We now use DL-based systems on a daily basis when we use search engines to find images on the web or talk to digital assistants on smart phones and home entertainment systems. Furthermore, DL has already been a popular method that is used to perform many important tasks in the field of radiology and radiation oncology. This article introduces AI along with its related terms machine learning and deep learning. We should become familiar with the principles and potential applications of deep learning in medical imaging.

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