Experiences of Families Supporting Elderly Dementia Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis Ryo Tachihara 1 , Sachiko Hara 2 , Mitsumi Ono 3 1Shimane Prefectural Central Hospital 2School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Shimane University 3School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Oita University Keyword: 認知症高齢者 , 血液透析 , 家族 , 体験 , elderly dementia , hemodialysis , family , experience pp.75-83
Published Date 2019/1/31
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 The purpose of our study was to clarify experiences of families who support the life of elderly dementia patients after the onset of hemodialysis treatment. Semi-structured interviews were conducted for 7 family members of elderly dementia patients undergoing outpatient hemodialysis treatment, and the answers were qualitatively and descriptively analyzed. The results were classified into 5 categories: 1) attentively observe the treating doctor's cautions which the patient forgets, 2) sit close to the patient and cope with difficulties in undergoing hemodialysis, 3) devise methods to enable the patient to continue personal pleasures as before starting hemodialysis, 4) find and manage physical problems related to hemodialysis which is difficult for the patient to convey by words, and 5) positively accept the fact of starting hemodialysis after going through mental conflict whether or not to choose hemodialysis for the dementia patient. Family members were noted to have been helping patients to undergo hemodialysis considering the patient's capability, while coping with words and behavior of the patient, daily life, and physical condition. Appropriate support measures by nurses is necessary as early as possible after the onset of dialysis treatment, to enable care of the patient by the family at home. Also, relationship between the nurses and the patients' family members is important though acknowledging their effort in respecting and bringing out the remaining capability of the elderly dementia patient, so that they can positively accept the fact of starting hemodialysis.

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