Characteristics and Effective Factors of Family Functioning with Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Mitsuyo Nakahashi 1 , Chie Ogasawara 2 , Saori Yoshioka 3 , Akiko Itoh 4 , Kaori Ikeuchi 5 , Aya Miyamura 6 1Department of Nursing, Kyoto Tachibana University 2Kansai University of Health Sciences 3School of Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences at Odawara, International University of Health and Welfare 4Department of Nursing, Senri Kinran University 5Department of Nursing, Osaka Prefecture University 6Osaka University Hospital(Former affiliate) Keyword: 終末期 , がん患者 , 家族機能 , 家族ケア , end-of-life , cancer patient , family functioning , family nursing pp.43-51
Published Date 2013/5/25
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 The purposes of this study were to clarify the characteristics of the family functioning with terminally ill cancer patients and to examine the factors that affect the family functioning.

 The questionnaire survey was conducted with 46 families with terminally ill cancer patients, and 49 families without patients as a comparison group. The survey was comprised of the Family Systems Health Measurement(FSHM). Each family was also asked to complete a form of their demographic profiles and social support networks they used. Mann-Whitney U-test and multi-regression analysis were used to identify the characteristics of the family functioning.

 The following results were indicated: 1)families with terminally ill cancer patients had higher scores on 'sharing time and space' and 'family ties based on trust' items, 2)family communication affected family functioning. According to the subscales, a factor that affect 'family ties based on trust', 'sharing time and space' and 'role achievement' items was instrumental network, while the number of family members who provided care was also an effect factor for 'role achievement'. Sex of family member affected 'the adaptation of environment'. If male members of the family were responsible for the patient care, they were less 'adaptable to the environment' than female members.

 In order to improve the family functioning, it is necessary to facilitate communication among family members.

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