Factors Influencing Discharge Support for Home Care of Terminally Ill Patients Given by Ward Nurses Yumi Kono 1 1Kio University Keyword: 在宅療養 , 終末期患者 , 退院支援 , home care , terminally ill patients , discharge support pp.123-130
Published Date 2014/12/31
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 In order to determine the factors that influence the discharge support toward home care provided by ward nurses to their terminally ill patients, as well as to detail the interactions between them, we administered self-reported questionnaires to 428 duty nurses in a hospital ward. Discriminant analysis revealed that the most important factor for terminal patient discharge support was the degree to which nurses could talk with their patients about death, rather than a nurse's years of work experience or the extent of cooperation with the discharge unit. A proactive approach to terminal patient discharge support was implemented, so that more nurses could talk with patients openly about death. The findings also showed that the majority of nurses were not comfortable talking about death with patients; in order to provide discharge support for terminal patients toward home care, we considered providing nurses with better education concerning death.

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