Factors on Motives for Rehabilitation of Post-Cva Clients at Homes Miyuki Chida 1 , Sumiko Iida 2 11Department of Nursing, Saitama Medical School Junior College 2St.Luke's Nursing of College pp.43-53
Published Date 1997/6/30
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 Qualitative studies have been made on the motives for rehabilitation of post-CVA 14 clients at homes by semi-constitutional questions.As a result, rehabilitating motives were classified into 8 influential factors such as prospects for future, sense of satisfaction for living, change in sense of self personality, change in personal relations, change in family-relation, attitude towards the post-CVA symptom, emotional mainstay, sense of health, and composing factors as with positiveness, voluntariness and subjective individuality. The contents of the influential factors and number or the manners of connections were characteristic of individuals. Among them, 4 factors such as change in family-relation, change in personal relations, change in sense of self-personality, sense of satisfaction for living have constituted the attitudes towards relation between oneself and the other after falling into the sickness. In order to elevate the motives for rehabilitation of clients at homes, it is necessary to enhance the affirmative influential factors by making assessment of influential factors and constituting factors of individual motives in a sense of individual subjects, and also, the assistance is necessary to make negative influential factors on the motives related affirmatively.

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