Coping Process of Mothers of Children with Schizophrenia Ikuo Kawazoe 1 1Aomori Prefectural Tsukushigaoka Hospital Keyword: 統合失調症 , 母親 , 対処過程 , schizophrenia , mother , coping process pp.63-71
Published Date 2007/12/20
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 A semi-structured interview was conducted targeting 9 mothers of children with schizophrenia, regarding their coping process, and the results were analyzed using a modified grounded theory approach (M-GTA). Consequently, it was demonstrated that the mothers continued to be engaged in child care while feeling pressure due to their children's abnormal behavior. In this respect, getting acquainted with other mothers of schizophrenic children, the feeling of sympathy shared with them, and self-confidence nurtured by their support helped support their child-care efforts. Mothers have difficulty accepting the reality of schizophrenia in their children;while rejoiced at the signs of recovery, they felt depressed with each flare-up of symptoms. Generally, when mothers became determined to continue their child-care efforts, they became able to accept the reality. Moreover, they remembered clearly the states of confusion and fear they experienced about schizophrenia. It was therefore suggested that some support including early psychological care should be provided for mothers having the experience of fear.

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