Eating training for the patient with severe dementia and left hemiplegia : A case in which improved mental function occurred Akemi Fukui 1 , Emiko Furuki 2 , Hiromi Shindou 1 1Keijyu General Hospital 2Geriatric Health Services Facility Kakuyuuen Keyword: 摂食訓練 , 痴呆老人 , 左片麻痺 , Eating training , Elderly person with dementia , Left hemiplegia pp.252-260
Published Date 2004/6/15
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 We attempted eating training as one care plan for an elderly person with dementia and left hemiplegia. Various team staff members, including OTRs, generally perform the care plan. Indirect swallowing approaches, such as oral hygiene, swallowing exercise, ice massage and so on, were attempted by OTRs. As a result, inattention and hemineglect also improved, and the patient's oral intake was achieved with minimal assistance. Moreover, the recovery of mental function, such as communication, etc., was achieved as a result of these approaches.

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