Occupational therapy for alcoholics : The meaning of space in collage therapy Mika Miyashita 1 1Minami toyota Hospital Keyword: アルコール依存症 , コラージュ , 精神科作業療法 , Alcoholics , Collage , Occupational therapy for psychiatric disorder pp.45-51
Published Date 1998/2/15
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 The purpose of this study is to show that collage therapy is a highly effective way to treat alcoholics. Clients are required to use a non-verbal technique in group therapy, and by observing how they fill up space on a piece of paper, we may determine how they defend themselves mentally. It is said that alcoholics are apt to become defensive when they have to express themselves. Based on their life histories, it is also said that they have anxiety about their inner world, of which they are usually unconscious. My interpretation in this study is that when clients leave blank spaces on their paper they are made aware of this anxiety. The fact that a client has intentionally left blank space is an important sign of recovery. Collage therapy can thus be considered useful in the treatment of alcoholics.

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