Japanese Occupational Therapy Research Volume 36, Issue 4 (August 2017)

The home-visit occupational therapy received by a terminal patient with a malignant tumor: Supporting the occupational being Hiroyasu Shiozu 1 1Division of Occupational Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Kansai University of Welfare Sciences Keyword: がん , 訪問作業療法 , (作業的存在) , Cancer , Home-visit occupational therapy , Occupational being pp.416-422
Published Date 2017/8/15
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 This case study details the home-visit occupational therapy received by a patient with a malignant tumor for approximately 5 months until just prior to her death. Once it appeared possible that the client could work again, our intervention allowed her to resume clothes-fitting tasks, which she had not performed since the onset of the disease, and to return to her occupation as a beautician. Furthermore, despite a deterioration in physical functions resulting from progression of the malignancy, her occupation helped her maintain a forward-looking outlook of wanting to work once again, allowing her to face her fear of death. The present study suggests the importance and significance of home-visit occupational therapy in supporting the occupational being with malignant tumors once they appear capable of resuming work.

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36巻4号 (2017年8月)
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