Assisting a woman achieve self-actualization at a long-term geriatric health services facility prior to passing away: A case study Gaku Hasegawa 1 1Miura Geriatric Health Services Facility Keyword: 作業療法 , 役割 , 終末期 , (洗濯) , Occupational therapy , Role , Terminal stage , Washing pp.556-561
Published Date 2016/10/15
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 The following case study describes the process of a woman gaining self-actualization prior to passing away. The subject was moved to the author's geriatric facility and remained about 7 years. Since the author was aware that laundry was a chore the subject felt strongly about, the woman achieved self-actualization through being put in charge of her own laundry at the facility. The subject was happy to do laundry except when she didn't feel well. Doing laundry became a part of her life, and as a result she became to assert herself more to her family. In conclusion, because she was assigned a task of doing laundry, she was able to self-actualize until she died.

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