Coping with belief conflict between patients of convalescent rehabilitation facilities and occupational therapists Takashi Kono 1 , Makoto Kyougoku 2 1Hatsudai Rehabilitation Hospital 2Graduate School of Health Science, Kibi International University Keyword: 回復期リハビリテーション病棟 , 信念対立解明アプローチ , (患者・作業療法士関係) , Convalescent rehabilitation facilities , Dissolution approach for belief conflict , Patients-occupational therapist relationship pp.530-540
Published Date 2015/10/15
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 Belief conflict arises from differences in values and viewpoints, which may lead to obstacles to human relations. The purpose of this study is to reveal how patients in convalescent rehabilitation facilities experience belief conflict in relationships with occupational therapists and the ways they cope with it. Based on interviews with 20 patients, data was analyzed using a Structural Constitutive Qualitative Research Method. As a result, belief conflict was configured for 4 major categories, 14 categories and 38 concepts. Belief conflict was not properly dealt with, and in the end the patients experienced “disappointment” throughout “self-reproach” and “conflict”. However these can be relieved using “relativisation of values”.

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