Effect of Family Education on Caregiver Burden in Dementia Patients Mayumi Inoue 1 , Yumiko Moriwaki 1 , Toshiko Okawa 1 , Sumiyo Hashimoto 1 , Hiroko Kobayashi 2 , Nobutsugu Hirono 3 , Etsuro Mori 4 1Department of Nursing, Hyogo Institute for Aging Brain and Cognitive Disorders 2Clinical Neurosciences, Hyogo Institute for Aging Brain and Cognitive Disorders Keyword: 痴呆者 , 介護者負担 , 介護者教育 , 日本語版ZBI , Dementia , Caregiver burden , Zarit Caregiver Burden Interview , Caregiver education pp.227-234
Published Date 1999/6/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1681900507
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Background and Purpose: Caring for individuals with dementia poses a significant caregiver bur-den. Caregiver burden is associated with nega-tive outcomes. Studies in Europe and North America have indicated that caregiver education effectively decreases the burden experienced by the caregivers of dementia patients, in Japan, however, no study has been carried out. We studied the effects of systematic caregiver educa-tion to the caregiver burden in dementia pa-tients.

Subjects and Methods: Subjects were 41 demen-tia patients who were given a short-term admis-sion in our hospital for evaluaion and their principal caregivers.

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